Hilton Head to Southport Offshore

We left Hilton Head, SC yesterday morning at dawn and have travelled about 170 nautical miles overnight to Southport, NC where we will enter the Cape Fear River inlet in a few hours and continue onward on the inside until we run out of light. We have been about 20 miles offshore most of this hop and are just now getting our mobile data back. It’s amazing how reliant we have become on the internet. It feels weird out here when it’s gone.
With hopefully all of our mechanical challenges behind us, we are making steady progress now but looking at the charts it’s very easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer size of this continent.
We are eating the elephant… Slowly.
Although I’m ready to be home and tied up in the Great South Bay, I remind myself of how fortunate I am to be able to have these experiences aboard Mavis. So I’m kind of trying to suck it all in while simultaneously trying to get this trip done… Hard to explain.
Rob is a first class crew member and I’m very lucky to have him on board. He’s learned the ropes and has the sea time…. Maybe it’s time for him to get his captain’s license. In addition to handling his watches, the guy has been upside down in the bilges quite a bit on this trip. His mechanical abilities are much appreciated.
That’s all for now.