Long Island to Belhaven, NC

Mavis left the dock in West Sayville about 15 hours ago to run down the coast with the salty crew of myself and Robert Sheldon. This captain is happy to be offshore again! Currently we are about 10 miles from Atlantic City, NJ. After a rough exit from the Fire Island inlet the seas calmed down. We’re motorsailing along at about 6.5 knots and hope to soon turn the engine off as the winds fill in. We’ve crossed the New York harbor shipping lanes and currently the plan is to continue offshore all the way to Norfolk, VA and then run another 135 inside to Bellhaven, NC. We hope to be arriving in Norfolk by Sunday afternoon.
The weather is fine and I’m keeping an eye on Hurricane Sam.
We’ll have to leave the boat in NC for a few weeks because our insurance company won’t allow us further south than Hatteras until Nov 1.