The Waiting Game


The weather window that was supposed to open up for us for this evening isn’t panning out but the good news is it looks like tomorrow night will be favorable for an overnight gulf stream crossing.  We are keeping an eye on things…

The sailfish fountain in downtown Stuart, FL

It’s a common situation in cruising.  And extremely common on these crossings from Florida to the Bahamas this time of year.  The boat is loaded to the gills, the course has been set, the crew is excited and ready…  But the winds and seas must cooperate.  According to our weather router, Chris Parker at things will settle down tomorrow but there may still be a “lingering swell”  that may make for “uncomfortable travel” until tomorrow afternoon.

I’m still waiting on a package that was supposed to arrive today but is now expected tomorrow.  The moment I have it we will set out!

We left the slip today and are now back in the mooring field on a ball waaaaaaaaay on the far side of the field.  It’s a long hike by dinghy back and forth to the marina so we’re really hoping everything goes well with our departure tomorrow.

Capt Frank
S/V Mavis